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I Try My Hand as Designing Shirts Using AI

Hello, this is Mandy Lee from surprisecustomtshirt.com, and today we’re going to use AI to design a t-shirt for free, using only online resources. That’s right, no subscriptions are required. We’ll now use Microsoft’s free AI art generator based on the Dolly 2.5 model, as well as the free EasyView web designer at surprisecustomtshirt.com. The […]

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How I Create T-Shirt Designs Using Canva

Hello, this is Mandy Lee, and in this lesson, we’ll go over how to create t-shirt designs in Canva. Canva is one of the most popular online design and creative tools. But, before we begin, if you haven’t already subscribed, click the subscribe button and then click the notifications bell to be notified whenever I […]

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