I Try My Hand as Designing Shirts Using AI

Hello, this is Mandy Lee from surprisecustomtshirt.com, and today we’re going to use AI to design a t-shirt for free, using only online resources. That’s right, no subscriptions are required. We’ll now use Microsoft’s free AI art generator based on the Dolly 2.5 model, as well as the free EasyView web designer at surprisecustomtshirt.com. The future is today, so let’s get started.

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First and foremost, before we begin designing, let us briefly discuss AI art generating. While this technology is still in its infancy and development, it is already an invaluable tool in the arsenal of any creative. It can not only be a catalyst for new ideas, but it may also produce some quite helpful artwork. Now, the robots aren’t quite taking anyone’s jobs just yet, as you can see with a simple query for maybe our full one-color T-shirt design for a retro-inspired car show with a minimal aesthetic or simple, whatever we want to say here, featuring a Vintage Mustang, it’s definitely got a long way to go before we get production-ready artwork out of it.

Hey, it might get you near right here. However, using it as an inspiration tool or in a more production-level function, as we’ll see today, generating bits of artwork or particular elements to use is where garment decorators can truly start to leverage this new technology.

Now that I’m talking about today, one of the great benefits is simply the time savings, and in any business, time is money. Creating artwork is as simple and quick as explaining something with words. There’s no need to be a pro, but using some technical phrases to express what you want usually helps. Enough with the technology; let’s put it to use.

We’ll proceed to Microsoft’s AI tools, which are available for free with a Microsoft account. There are several tools available that are fairly similar. So, while we’ll be utilizing this one today, keep in mind that there are lots of alternatives for AI image generating out there, such as mid-Journey, OpenAI, and many others. The list is endless. All you have to do is ask a question. Assume we want to create a retro, basic, modern design for a local auto event this summer. Instead of attempting to obtain the entire design, let us try something with select keywords and see what we can obtain.

We’ll begin with a Lino cut Vintage Mustang car, a white background, only the car, a low angle, and a weight R reaction. Now, we may experiment with modifiers such as side view to acquire other views, low angle, maybe a three-quarter view, or whatever you’re looking for, and even different styles for visual Styles. For smooth lines and a professional appearance, think screen print or coloring book page. So, after rolling the dice a few times to yield the image you’re looking for, you could either download it or screenshot it.

Then we’ll go to surprisecustomtshirt.com and create our design in the free EasyView online designer. Now, EasyView has hundreds of customisable t-shirt layouts and clip art to choose from, which is how we’ll easily combine our AI-generated artwork with some parts to create a rad professional T-shirt design that we can easily print on some garments.

It’s worth noting that one of the elements we’re looking for might be in this clip art library, so it’s worth a quick check here before moving on to the AI tool. Now that we’re in EasyView, let’s upload and import our AI vehicle. In the image editor, we’ll select remove all white in the first step, which will eliminate our wonderful white background from this image.

In the next step, we’ll select spot color from the selection to allow us to trace or vectorize this graphic, which will erase any low-resolution warnings that may have been present on the low-resolution file we downloaded. In the image editor, our next step is to adjust the detail if necessary by clicking here on our level of high or Max and then clicking reprocess here on the right-hand side. I’d like to point out that this tracing feature works best on simpler artwork. Super complicated art or detailed photographs may have difficulty or yield less-than-ideal outcomes, but as you can see, our artwork looks rather well.

Of course, if you require elaborate full-color artwork for your project, we can do that as well. Simply upload your low-resolution AI picture creation file and mark it to have our artist upscale the image with a click right here at the bottom for asking art help with a proof. Don’t forget to include a message in the order to let us know what you’d need changed, or if it’s just a basic upgrade.

When you’re satisfied with how it appears, we’ll post it to our artboard here. We’d begin by constructing elements around our design, perhaps by using one of the layouts available in the designer by choosing add layout and then reading through the categories. As you can see, there is a lot of artwork in the catalog. We can add new artwork to our catalog on a weekly basis.

If you find anything you like in any of these categories, you can click to import it into your artboard for editing. You can remove items, change typefaces, and even modify and add other shapes here. Of course, you may also include text or objects.

Using all of the edit menu choices to change our artwork, we could easily add an outline to knock out what’s behind it on the edges for a very clean, classic effect. Your arrange instructions at the top make it quite powerful to get those layers to work and happen. You definitely have some significant controls, which are generally seen in subscription-based products.

Simply told, the EasyView online designer is a fantastic resource for anyone who decorates clothing with heat transfers. As you can see, using these tools is really straightforward and intuitive, making anyone a graphic designer regardless of whether you can draw a stick figure or not. Isn’t it cool?

Another useful feature of the EasyView is the ability to mock up artwork. We could hit mock up here on the blue bar on the left-hand side from the designer and either add our photographs or use the stock catalog with thousands of outfit styles. We may browse styles or search for them if we click use apparel right here in the menu. And now we have our actual garment as well as all of the various colours in this model. So we could choose our fabric color, place our artwork on the T-shirt, and with a few clicks, we’d have a mock-up.

If you want to learn more about this mock-up tool, we’ll link to an article about producing apparel mock-ups right here, and we’ll also link to it in the description below. What’s especially amazing about EasyView is that you can get bespoke heat transfers directly from the designer. With the product type selected in the lower left, you can select our famous goof-proof screen-printed plastisol transfers, which are ideal for projects with limited color in the artwork, such as the one we have here today, or our Ultra Color Max direct-to-film transfers. Ultra Color Max prints in full color without a minimum quantity, so you could order just one image if you wanted to, and it’s very reasonable at six cents per square inch.

You can order any image size ranging from a quarter inch by a quarter inch to 22 by 22 inches.

Once we enter our number, the designer here will price the artwork for you and provide you with accurate ship dates. Then, by clicking next, we view a real-time proof of our project before adding it to the cart. So, our transfer order has been cancelled. Subscribe here and follow us on social media to see the finished T-shirts as soon as they are printed. But I hope you now have some ideas about how AI and free design tools might improve your productivity and capabilities as an apparel decorator or clothes manufacturer.

Your competitors are likely to adopt this technology in the near future, so you may beat them to the punch by using it right now.

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